Andrea and Marcus Photography is different than a lot of duos, in several ways.  We focus on providing you with a unique mixture of natural light (brighter, more classic) photographs as well as dramatically lit (bold, colorful) photographs.  Andrea primarily photographs in natural, while Marcus focuses on giving our couples those modern dramatic photos.  During couple photos, we both work together to give you this mixture simultaneously.  See what we mean below!

The side-by-side photos below were taken at the exact same time, using two different forms of lighting. This is a great example of what Andrea and Marcus do together at a wedding, with all of these images being from the same wedding!  Marcus captured the photo on the left, Andrea on the right.


We feel every part of your wedding day is important.  That us why every photo you receive from us is individually edited by us personally.  Other photographers may batch edit their photos , which means they edit one photo, and paste the setting to other photos in your collection.  This can be very inconsistent, since the computer cannot compensate for changes in light or exposures.  Some other photographers may send their photos off to be edited by another company/photographer.  Not us.  We feel by us personally editing each photo, it ensures high quality through and through.  Take a closer look below at some before and after photos (all from the same wedding as above).


Left (un-edited), Right (Edited)



All photographers (us included) are going to advertise their favorite photos to capture your attention and get you excited.  This is great, however, we like to be an open book with our clients.  We proudly share full wedding galleries so you can see our photography style, approach, and our extraordinary quality from start to finish .  Feel free to explore our full weddings below.  Just click the images!