Q: Why do photographers cost so much?

A: While we can’t speak for all photographers, we can answer this based on our business model.  Our price has several aspects factored into it.  The biggest: Time and Editing.  While photographing your wedding is a factor of cost, so is our time spent editing.  On average, we spend 60+ hours editing a single wedding, not including photographing time.  Other additional factors include time spent on timeline assistance, shot list preparation, consultations, etc.


Q: Do you edit your photographs?

A: Every single image you receive from us, receives some form of digital edits.  All images will receive color, temperature, contrast boosts, etc.  Portraits of our couples will receive full Photoshop edits which include our basic edits plus: blemish fix, sweat removal, background object removal, etc.  Many photographers will use a general filter for a group of images such as images from a wedding ceremony.  We actually view and edit each image individually.  We feel each image (from detail photos to individual portraits) is a portfolio worthy work of art and deserves our full effort.


Q: Do you have travel fees?

A: We DO NOT have travel fees to anywhere in NC, SC, GA, VA


Q: How long does it take to receive our USB from our wedding?

A: As a result of editing each photograph individually, it typically takes up to 8 weeks depending on our current wedding volume.


Q: How many photographs can we expect to receive from our wedding?

A: You can expect 75 high quality edited images per hour of wedding day coverage.


Q: How many weddings do you photograph per year?

A: In recent years we have photographed at least 15 per year.  In the past, we have photographed up to 39 in a year.


Q: What makes you two different from other photographers?

A: Andrea has a photography degree from Randolph Community College.   Randolph Community College is one of the top community college photography programs in the nation.  She had multiple internships throughout North Carolina with some of the state's top wedding photographers.  Andrea And Marcus Photography is a member of Professional Photographers of America.  Each wedding day package includes both Andrea and Marcus.  Andrea and Marcus have similar styles, but as artists, they each have different visions for a photograph.  With Andrea and Marcus both being lead photographers, it allows them to give you a unique blend of natural light and dramatically lit couple portraits.  Unlike many photographers, they digitally edit each of their images.  They consider themselves to be more than just photographers.  They are digital artists.  


Q: Why Should we choose you two to photograph our wedding?

A: Our level of quality, experience , and dedication are top notch.  We notice every detail and we uniquely capture those memories for you to keep for the rest of your lives. We offer our couples two different perspectives, visions, and forms of lighting at the same time.  Every image is taken by us and individually edited by us. We have over a decade of professional experience and over 250 weddings photographed.


Q: What are the benefits of having a second photographer?

A: Having a second photographer ensures more thorough coverage.  Andrea and Marcus are both primary photographers, making them different than the typical primary/backup photographer scenario.  Each one has a different vision for a photo, and this especially shows in their portraits of their couples.  Andrea typically spends the majority of her time with the bride before the ceremony and Marcus with the groom.  You never know what is going to happen and could possibly be missed with one photographer running back and forth.  At the ceremony it allows them to focus on the bride and groom individually to capture their first looks simultaneously.  They each have different focal length lenses on from the ceremony until your exit at the end of the night to give you a variety of angles and perspectives in your photographs.